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Prudence’s latest creation was inspired by a recent visit to the Middle East or Arabia as it was
formerly known. It is a place where time and space are one. A void in which the winds play.
An infinite purity remote from our world where shimmering mirages play on the horizon and
dazzling white minarets are suspended in the sky. Where the sands ripple and sing the desert
yields the source of perfume.

The headnotes of the Fragrance lead in with familiar tones of neroli, mandarin and jasmine
before plunging into an intense mix of olibanum and frankincense. Peaches, honey and white
musk sensualize the body of the eau de parfum before gradually giving way to amber, benjoin
and oakmoss.
The resinous crystals of Frankincense, Olibanum and Galbanum have for thousands of years
been cultivated and harvested from rugged desert terrain. Sought and fought for by the rulers
of Assyrian, Roman as well as Middle Eastern empires and kingdoms.

This is an original and exciting fragrance of quality that augments Prudence’s collection.


315,00 €Preis
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