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In a wonderful fairy tale, the princess felt sorry for the unfortunate captive elf, who knew the secret to getting gold, her tears shed on the stones that lay in the cage where the elf was imprisoned, and turned into a magic elixir - a precious scent of GOLDEN ELF. The girl opened the door of the cage and released the elf, and in the cage there was a golden bottle with perfume. The fragrance that was in it never ended. Everyone who applied it became rich and happy. Delicate scent combines mystery and passion.

In the opening note, the saffron enveloping spice is combined with the exquisite tenderness of jasmine.

The heart of the composition - a shady warm chord of a luxurious cedar forest, turning into the base note of the aroma - the soft sound of sensual musk, emphasized by a light shade of gourmet notes - gives mystery and sophistication.

Base notes: captivating milk-musky accord with a spicy light bitterness creme brulee.

LES CONTES Elfe d`or Perfume 100 ml

205,00 € Standardpreis
190,00 €Sale-Preis
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