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Citrus fruits and their aromas intensity


Piccadilly Circus, one of the most iconic places in London is a crossroads that links business, tourism, and the city’s history.

Chaotic, crowded, exciting, fashionable and fascinating.

Hugh Parsons pays a tribute to Piccadilly Circus as a significant aspect of the city of London.

An involving fragrance where the Citrus notes of Cedar, Lemon and Rosemary shines on the Ambergris and Musk depth.


“…Wind of flavours always singing the epithalamium.
Oh, hurry up on the dark lands.
And cross the sea”
James Joyce


Olfactory notes

A “flavour” of citrus and wild that releases an agreement of Cedar and Sicilian Lemon enriches by the unique aroma of Wild Rosemary.

The heart develops around surprising roots of Vetiver, intensely masculine and enveloping, accompanied by floral notes of Pitosforo and accents of bitter Lavender Barreme.

The deeply aristocratic aroma are revealed in the base notes of Musk, Amber and green woody accents of Musk and Tonka Bean. The Ambergris gives a unique impression, noble, and unmistakable.


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