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Bond Street, located at the heart of Mayfair, is globally famous as being the home of the most important fashion shops which are filled with luxury garments and finely worked jewelry.

Bond Street is also home to several prestigious people. Since 1700, Bond Street has been the meeting place of the most famous and influential of the society.

Admiral Horatio Nelson, Lady Emma Hamilton and many famous writers and poets in the past lived in this famous street.


Even today, after more than three centuries, Bond Street continues to be the preferred destination from major celebrities and has become a must for anyone visiting London. It is unrivaled in its combination between history and elegance.


Olfactory notes

The fragrance that opens up with a slightly citrus notes of Bergamot and a green shade of Ivy Leaves flowing to the floral notes of Jasmine Sambac and Magnolia, highly original in a masculine scent, giving to the fragrance a unique impression and strong personality.


The masculine notes of Musk, expertly mixed with that of Ambretta seeds, Cedar Wood and White Amber, makes it particularly alluring.


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81,75 €Sale-Preis
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