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Pervading floral bouquet


Regent Street is one of the oldest streets in London. From 1825, it was a dividing line between Soho, a working-class neighbourhood, and the luxurious Mayfair. The old buildings were small and old concept: the first department stores were opened at the end of 1800 and Regent Street was redesigned and rebuilt.

The new and the old style combined as inspiration of the fragrance Regent Street. A unique and original fragrance, created for the dynamic and elegant man, who doesn’t want to be pushy with his perfume.


“…the permanent essence, usually hidden in things is
liberated and, wakes
up getting the heavenly nourishment which is offered”
Marcel Proust


Olfactory notes

The fragrance opens up with the green notes of Violet Leaves of Provence, Geranium Bourbon and Mastic.

The heart of the fragrance is flowery. It is built by the agreement of Freesia and Iris. It is made extremely elegant by the inclusion of Sambac Jasmine.

The heart is followed by an intense combination of persistent notes of Musk, Ambrette Seeds and Ambergris.


109,00 € Standardpreis
76,30 €Sale-Preis
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